My name is Felicitas, I was born on December 12, 1975, my mother started with the handicrafts business, she made Inca ribbons, I liked very much what she did and I always made an effort to learn. When I started to live with my husband we changed our business because we could not just live off what we did so we started to do embroidery, it was difficult at first but over time it became profitable and we felt good about what we were doing. But not everything was rosy in our lives and one will not always be accompanied throughout his life, my husband died very young this hurt me because I had become a widowed mother with three daughters, but over time I understood that as a woman you can achieve everything you set out despite the adversities and blows that life gives you, I was clear and thanks to what I do I managed to get ahead my daughters, all thanks to my work of crafts.

My inspiration to grow day by day for them took me to where I am now and the confidence that I gave myself to do my work because it comes from my heart, I always tried to make my work perfect and I did not rest until I achieved it, in normal times maybe I would be better but the pandemic did not allow it, I thank my little daughters for their support because they helped me to contact the company "Las Polleras de Agustina" to which I now have the pleasure to belong and continue with this desire that makes me happy, which is to demonstrate the traditional colors of my culture in my embroidery and in everything I do.