Our world

From the heart of Peru to the world, with identity and possitve social impact!

More than an ethnic clothing Brand, we are a blend of respect, passion and admiration for our identity and cultural heritage. We are a certified B corporation, founded in 2014 that generates employment co-creating with artists from vulnerable areas of different provinces of the country. We are working for the recovery of traditional Peruvian clothing and techniques incorporating them into a contemporary style.

Our garments

Our garments are made with high quality materials and maintain the original weaving, tailoring and embroidery techniques. They are made by traditional embroiderers, entirely in the place of origin and are aimed at those who admire the techniques of the past and give value to the effort behind each garment. 

Our Ayni (work system)

More than 23 popular artists  from Ayacucho, Huánuco, Huancayo, Cusco, Pucallpa, Lima and Arequipa are benefited by our teamwork with the craftsmen. We are looking up for a work system based on family reciprocity that has a principle the mutual help.

Work philosophy

The reciprocal solidarity and the Andean thought of the bidirectionality are the basis for our work philosophy. We believe that we must always have to give, give to ourselves, to our family, to the universe and to our mother nature. Give, because everything comes back and comes back with gains.


Our objective is to revalue the work done by the folk artist and the traditional Peruvian embroiderer art, producing garments that keeps weaving and tailoring techniques that transport to the magic of the Andean and indigenous world of Peru.


  • Respect.
  • Equity.
  • Honesty.
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty.


We take care of the environment seriously, we now how valuable it is and we have a lot of respect for it. That’s why part of our commitment is to be friendly with the environment in the following way:

  • We have an environmental, health and safety policy that establishes group goals for key environmental aspects such as reducing water and energy use and eliminating dangerous substances.
  • To promote the responsible consumption and to educate our community so they will value the environment as we do.
  • We produce 3 collections a year and we do not produce large quantities.
  • We reuse all the waste of our raw material, making accessories or dolls.
  • The materials we use come from sustainable sources, as well as the wastes of deadstock materials from the textile and leather industry.
  • Our delivery courier use electric motorcycles, because they minimalize the impact caused by their use to the environment.



Las Polleras de Agus is an ethical and sustainable fashion Brand that puts sustainability and the transparency into practice in our supply chain, since the beginning of 2014.

We have built a business model based on the quality of life of our collaborators, starting with fair salary payments, then adding the cost of absolute quality materials and all other costs related to the product. Finally, adding a fair profit margin that is then reinvested 100% in the company, always thinking about a sustainable development in the long term.

Materials 20% (Fabrics, yarns, accesories and more)
Handwork 30% (Design, production, tailoring, embroidery, paint and others)
Operations and logistic 12%
Packaging 3%
Marketing 9%
Markup 26% (Re-invested)