Griela Pérez

Born in Cusco, artivist, Director of Art and Graphic Design, an ally of the folk artists, who have revived their art thanks to the project objective. Before she devotes herself to #slowfashion, this creative soul an artist by default got the Director of Art and Graphic Design degree with Cum Laude honor from the renowned Escuela Toulouse Lautrec in Lima. Her beginnings in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion when her first daughter was born, to whom she instilled values such as Peruvian identity before anything else. Now with 7 years old, she already accompanied her mother as collaborator in different talks.

At the present, her human team works being visible and in collaboration from their communities, in different regions of our country, creating sustainable ecosystem around their proposals. Their style reflects our country’s colors, preserving traditions and customs of our peoples. Her project has changed the consumer habits of the Peruvian women, has inspired more entrepreneurs to love what is ours. Griela is known on catwalks outside Peru, also she has allied herself with recognized Sustainable Fashion movements abroad.

Griela explore the other side of the fashion industry, offering to her clientele top quality sewing, weaving and embroidery from her ethical, ethnic and sustainable point of view.

“Since I can remember I have admired the colors of my culture and the aesthetics of the traditional costume, especially from the mountains. I born in Cusco, a blessed land full of colors, where since you open your eyes the sky captivates you as well as everything around it: the folklore, the geography, the people, etcetera. Every costume tells a story, the experiences are written within its colors and shapes. What inspire me now a day are the communities, it’s from there that born the knowledge of the true beauty”.