Pucallpa, Perú
Province: Pucallpa
Region: Ucayali
Thanks to the Forestry Alliance implemented by @AIDER, we have been working with women from 5 indigenous communities in Ucayali. Since 2019, we have been part of their training in sustainable fashion, reinforcing their knowledge to improve their Shipibo - Conibo embroidery production. This iniciative contributes with the improvement of the quality of life and the conservation of the forests of the native communities involved in the project.
Artisan women are inspired by their indigenous worldview and are taught from small to express it in pieces of art, where they shape the KENE (designs).
Women do not use elements to trace or measure the designs, they do not make any type of sketch or previous model. They are simply placed in front of the object and begin to translate kenyan, either painting, embroidering or sculpting, as they imagine it at the moment.
This joint work is achieved thanks to the Forest Alliance, an initiative of AIDER, USAID and ALTHELIA, which promotes interculturality, the empowerment of indigenous women and the conservation of Amazonian forests.