The best waste is the waste that never exist.
Together, let´s extend the life of our garments!

Recycle and Reuse with AGUSTINA
Welcome to our recycling page!

We are here to assist with any repairs or reconfigurations. Let's think twice before discarding and work together towards a more sustainable future.

Thank you for joining us in this environmental responsibility!


We want to help you give a second life to your garments. Here are some creative ideas to recycle and transform your Las Polleras de Agustina clothing.

  1. Decorative Pillows: Turn your old skirts or blouses into beautiful decorative pillows. Cut the fabric into square or rectangular shapes, sew them together, and fill them with cotton or recycled foam.

  2. Unique Bags: Transform a skirt into a unique bag. Add an inner lining and handles, and you'll have a new and original accessory.

  3. Clothing Patches: Use parts of the garment to create decorative patches for other pieces of clothing. Patches can be a stylish way to repair holes or simply add a personal touch to your jeans or jackets.

  4. Aprons: Recycle your garments into colorful and unique aprons. Ideal for adding a special touch to your kitchen or as a personalized gift.

  5. Blankets or Quilts: Combine several recycled garments to create a blanket or quilt. It's a beautiful way to keep your memories alive and create something new for your home.

  6. Children's Toys: Turn them into soft and safe fabric toys for children. Create dolls, stuffed animals, or small pillows.

  7. Book or Tablet Covers: Protect your books or electronic devices with covers made from recycled fabric from your garments.

  8. Fabric Art: Use parts of the garments to create fabric art pieces. You can frame them or use them as decorative tapestries.

Share Your Creations! We would love to see how you recycle your Agustina garments. Share your projects on social media with the hashtag #ReciclajeConAgustina and receive 30% off in your next shop. Write for more info

Thank you for being part of our sustainable community!