What is Vidawasi?

Vidawasi is a nonprofit social organization whose aim to save thousands of children’s lives with the construction of the first specialized pediatric and childhood cancer hospital in Urubamba, Cusco. Vidawasi also aims to decentralize specialized treatments and will have a shelter so that the neediest families can accompany their children during their care by providing a comprehensive health service.

Currently, the hospital is in the construction phase, and it is necessary to count on the support and solidarity of companies and individuals to save many children in our country together.




 Why do we help?

Our dream is to always generate a tangible and positive impact on our society.

We have the responsibility to act as a voice of change, fashion plays an important role in society. We cannot remain oblivious to the situations we live these days, such as childhood cancer, which is the leading cause of death in children from diseases not transmissible in Peru and in the world. In our country every day 6 children are detected with cancer. Likewise, there are many complex diseases that affect thousands of children, who, in order to receive specialized treatment, necessarily have to travel to Lima.