Province: Ayacucho
Region: Ayacucho

Narciso Choquecahua was born in the district of Vinchos, department of Ayacucho, in the year 1977. A self-taught textile artist, he deepened his knowledge of Andean design and textiles while pursuing his primary and secondary education, simultaneously dedicating himself to researching dyeing techniques with natural colors that enriched his work with ancient methods.

Over the years, Narciso acquired the skill of weaving on looms passed down by his ancestors and continued his training under the tutelage of great masters of textile art such as Máximo Laura, Constantino Laura, among others.

Currently, Narciso is dedicated to research and innovation in contemporary and modern art, based on pre-Inca Andean iconographies.

Specialization Courses (Certificates):

  • 2004: Workshop on marketing (IDESI) - Ayacucho.
  • 2004: Talk on rarely used techniques in the Ayacucho region (SIQCHUY).
  • 2008: Panel discussion on competitiveness and development of micro and small enterprises in Callao, Lima.
  • 2009: Workshop on the application of technical standards and recommendations for artisanal textile products (UNSCH) - Ayacucho.
  • 2009: Seminar on the new regulatory framework for the promotion of MSMEs - Ayacucho.
  • 2010: Training in wool dyeing with chemical dyes and handling of the percentage technique (Regional Government) - Ayacucho.
  • 2010: Course on design, patterning, and finishing in textile craftsmanship (MINISTRY OF PRODUCTION) - Ayacucho.
  • 2011: 5S Program. The first step to quality (PROMPERU) - Ayacucho.
  • 2013: Technical assistance for the implementation of Peruvian technical standards for artisanal tapestries (MINISTRY OF FOREIGN TRADE AND TOURISM) - Ayacucho.


  • 2008: National Inti Raymi Award (Museo Manos Peruanas) - Lima.
  • 2013: Second place in the 1st contest of design and quality of crafts - Inclusive Creative Industries (SUMQ QARA) - Ayacucho.


  • 2009: Unanchaq Maki (Telefónica del Perú) - Ayacucho.
  • 2010: Recognition by the Regional Government of Ayacucho.
  • 2011: Regional Executive Resolution - Ayacucho.
  • 2015: Illustrious of Art and Resolution of the District of Vinchos - Ayacucho.


  • 2011: UTPL - Loja, Ecuador.
  • 2011: Museum of the Ministry of Culture - Loja, Ecuador.
  • 2011: Pumapungo Museum - Cuenca, Ecuador.

Trade Fairs:

  • 2009: Exhibe Perú - Lima.
  • 2009: FITE (International Tourism Fair) - Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  • 2010: Perú Gift Show - Lima.
  • 2011: Perú Gift Show - Lima.
  • 2012: Innova Perú - Lima.
  • 2012: Centro Exporta - Huancayo.
  • 2012: Perú Gift Show - Lima.
  • 2014: De Nuestras Manos - Lima.