KUYCHI - El Hijo del Arcoíris


 Fotos: Alexander Pérez 



Welcome to the KUYCHI Experience - The Son of the Rainbow

Before reading we invite you to listen to this audio, sit comfortably, close your eyes and listen carefully.
We will transport you to the magic of the

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Collab  (Trini Ramos, Griela Pérez y Esther Yaurivilca)

3 plastic artists decide to explore together a ceramic piece based on an Andean myth by Tania Castro called "Kuychi".
Griela Pérez together with her daughter Agustina Tomasevich make a painting (oil on canvas) reinterpreting the myth, it is Trini Ramos who gives it retablist volumetry with great thoroughness, patience and passion, preserving their craft techniques and with the support of the talented Esther Yaurivilca in the painting of the exterior of the altarpiece give life to this beautiful collaboration, which invites you to take refuge in the magical embrace of the Andes.

Wooden altarpiece measures: 28 cm x 26 cm x 10 cm ( 11" x 10.24" x 3.94")

What is MITO Project?


It is a multidisciplinary Peruvian project that seeks to rescue magical stories of the popular imaginary, through craft techniques in collaboration with artists, artisans and designers.
It happens 3 times a year around the world, in pop-up format with a duration of 4 months and launches its first edition in THE CANVAS BOWERY - NY.
Curated by Yurac Fiedler and Justo Bejar with the support of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Peru.




Trini Ramos, Sculptor Artist
Popular artist born in the beautiful Huamanga - Ayacucho. She inherited the vocation and art of the Ayacucho altarpiece from her father, whom she accompanied to the churches to restore images. His work recreates the traditional style to develop his own language.



Griela Pérez, Art and Design Director
Graduated from the Toulouse Lautrec School, native of Cusco, worthy admirer of the colors of Peruvian culture, the aesthetics of traditional costumes. She has been working since 2003 in synergy with popular artists in different provinces of Peru. Through her sustainable fashion project "Las Polleras de Agus" she has obtained important achievements and above all she has vindicated popular art.



Esther Yaurivilca
Plastic and visual artist. Graduated from the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú. Interested in the illustration of stories related to reinforce aspects of identity from the recognition of characters and ancestral iconography of Peru, is currently developing a project that involves the creation of a story of Chimu origin where the main character is the Peruvian dog.