We provide decent work, from design to the catway. We do not enslave, we do not jeopardize, we do not exploit, we do not harass, we do not mistreat or
discriminate against anyone.

2. We offer a fair and equitable salary, thinking about the quality of life of our

3. We encourage the development of personal and social skills in order to empower people.

4. We give people a voice, which makes it possible to communicate without fear, unite without repression, and negotiate for better conditions at work and in the communities.

5. We respect Peru's culture and heritage; we encourage, celebrate and reward
skills and craftsmanship; we recognize creativity as the best and most important asset. We respect authors, we make artists visible and we honor folk artists.

6. We represent solidarity, inclusion and democracy, regardless of race, class, sex, age, form or ability. We stand for diversity and consider it crucial to our own success.

7. We conserve, respect and preserve the environment. We do not deplete
resources, degrade the soil, pollute the air and water or damage health. We
protect the well-being of all living beings and safeguard the various ecosystems.

8. We do not destroy or discard unnecessarily, but consciously redesign and recover in a circular fashion.

9. We are transparent and responsible. Anyone from anywhere can find out how,
where, who makes the clothes and under what conditions.

10. We measure success by more than just sales and profits. We place equal value on financial growth, human well-being and environmental sustainability.